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Driven but Distracted

Business strengths: You are as passionate as they come, and you get almost giddy with the prospect of success that you KNOW you can reach in your business. You are ambitious, hardworking, and willing to do what it takes to reach your goals. You are also realistic and honest with yourself, so despite any speed bumps you encounter, you can often steer yourself back on the right path.

Area to improve: To keep the travel motif going, your business is on a road trip of sorts. While you are very much moving in the right direction, you are tempted by all of the exit signs and roadside attractions. You know that if you follow your route you will steadily head to success, but at the same time, you are afraid of missing out on other new, exciting offers too. You may have solid systems and routines in place, but also feel the need to change things up every few months. You love to plan and organize, but aren’t so much a fan of the follow-through that comes next.

What to watch out for: Be conscious of “shiny objects,” or tempting new offers that come your way; more often than not, these new attractive tools and plans are more of a want than a need. Ask yourself if what you are currently doing is working–if the answer is yes, then stick to it even if it seems boring. Sometimes, boring is good. Avoiding trends can sometimes result in FOMO, but that feeling and those trends are fleeting–solid systems and a steady work ethic are timeless.

What will help: Adopt a set of blinders that will allow you to focus on what’s best for your business, not the next best thing. You thrive with the reassurance that what you are doing is the right thing, and you appreciate a safe place to ask questions. Stick to the Rule of 2, in which you only have a maximum of 2 things in a place: for example, storing your to-do lists in only 2 places, or only having at most, 2 social media accounts to manage.

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