A Step-By-Step Content Creation System For Teacher Sellers

Hi there, Seller Friend!

I'm Erin and I have the cure to your constant content creation & tedious TpT to-do lists.

Question for you...

Does it often feel like an organized business is just out of reach?

There’s a reason for this. Your brain says “create products” but your to-do list says “tackle all the other business things.” 

Oh, and all the other business things? That usually looks a little something like this:

  • Write a blog post
  • Schedule social media
  • Send an email
  • Write ad copy
  • Optimize your blog posts for SEO
  • Create a new opt-in…I mean, the list goes ON.

With that mental tug-of-war happening day in and day out, who can blame you for feeling so scattered?

Let me know if this rings a bell...

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You know things need to change...

… you’re sick of having a life that seems wallpapered in sticky notes

… you don’t spend as much time creating products as you used to and it makes you sad.

…you’re all in to grow your business but feel suffocated by what you need to do to make that happen.

…you’re sick of being up at night feeling guilty about your (yet again) unfinished to-do list.


You were not born to be an entrepreneur.

You were born to create.

You spent the better part of your life with dreams of being the next Ms. Frizzle. Minus the bus, you carried out that dream. 

But somewhere between your first day of teaching and this moment, you discovered the wonderful world of TpT. 

This world has brought you so much: a creative outlet, a second source of income, a supportive community of likeminded creators. 

However, it has also brought an identify shift: You now hover between the Frizz and Bill Gates in some strange hybrid that has come to be known as a teacher seller, TpT’er, teacherpreneur–you name it. 

Nobody knows quite exactly it is that we do. Well-meaning family members think we “sell lesson plans” and that’s okay. We know the work we do is much more than that…





As in, sometimes, it feels like it’s too much.

it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine how it would feel to...

… finally have a clear mind and to-do list.

… get your creative groove back.

… look at your to-do list and feel EXCITED (not filled with dread).

Caption Set #1

Together, we can make your business feel doable.


The Finishing Framework

A 6-module course to set up systems in your business that will clean up the mess you’ve made so far and turn you into a highly organized, productive, well-oiled machine.

it honestly does sound too good to be true...

(But my students will tell you it's not).

I didn’t think I wanted a “new” way to run my business. Once I actually got in the course and started working through modules, every single worry I had vanished as soon as Erin started explaining each step in depth. I’m more organized with my business than I’ve ever been, which means my productivity and sales are increasing!


This course has been a game-changer for my business! Most importantly, my mindset has changed! School of Sellers has shown me how to work smarter, not harder for creating content for my business. Erin explains all of her brilliant systems in an easy to understand way. The templates alone are worth the cost of the course and the Facebook group has been a tremendous bonus!


Ready to change your life & business?

You're probably thinking: "This sounds cool but it's probably going to end up collecting dust just like the other courses I've bought."

This is where the gap was in the market – too many basic courses and not enough “next level” ones. I can see this being huge, impact wise.


“This literally changed my business life! No joke. I had absolutely no systems or procedures for anything I was doing in my business and I had been on TpT for 12 years. I have an actual business plan and strategies for all of it. Since I took this course, people have noticed the difference and have been commenting! It is taking me to that next level. Best money I have ever spent on a course.”



Hi! I'm Erin.

I’ve been a teacher seller for 8 years and counting, and I still get butterflies when I think of that new amazing product idea. 

But also?

I still get that sinking feeling in my stomach when my to-do list contains the same old junk over and over again. 

(You know–the usual suspects. Blog posts, pinning, and all that irritating jazz).

I needed a change. I’m talking more butterflies, less sinking. 

Sound good?

Here's a secret: I'm a naturally lazy person

The easiest way is always my favorite.

So when the day-to-day of TpT started feeling way too hard, I knew I needed a change.

I wanted a life where I got to choose my to-do list (and not the other way around)

I wanted a life where I could wake up and do nothing but take naps, read novels, and eat tacos for every meal.

Or, you know–work on a new product if I felt like it.


...that's not asking too much, right?

That’s how The Finishing Framework was born. 

Once I realized how this mega-batching mother of all systems could change my business, I was dying to share it with the seller community.

That’s where YOU come in.

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Let's do this.

The fact that you are here on this page tells me a lot about you as a seller. You are committed to the growth of your business and if you think this might just be the push you’ve been looking for, you’re probably right.

I prided myself on my organization and was admittedly smug about my system whenever I read posts from people asking about how to organize their files or something like that. I was barely into Erin's Framework course when I realized my high horse had just kicked me off and dropped me into a pit. If you want your business to be organized to a degree that you never imagined possible, take this course! If you want to organize your very brain to work more efficiently (yes, even the creative part!), take the Framework course! I have zero regrets unless you count not having gone back into time to take it sooner.
Rike Neville

No questions, I'm ready for this!

I love Erin's concise way of delivering valuable tips, so I had high expectations. This course exceeded those expectations. I love how the videos are short but so packed with info. Even after 8+ years on TpT, there were some awesome tips and "quick wins" I didn't know, that helped me save so much time.