🔥🔥 The first work club for teacher sellers is here 🔥🔥

Monthly challenges, mastermind-like accountability, and teacher business tools.

If you're a teacherpreneur and you've been looking for more:
more direction,
more consistency, more accountability, more growth...look no further.


for teacher sellers is *almost* open + ready for members!


(But what exactly is Ignite?)

Here's an ⚡overview⚡ if you're just here for the info:

You've probably:

But you still need an extra...something.

does this sound familiar?

I feel like if I had just an extra boost, I'd get so much more done. I feel like I'm going from task to task without a focus. I can't seem to get all my balls in the air: I'm constantly giving one thing too much attention. I wish I had a group of TpT friends to bounce ideas off of.

you aren't alone.

In fact, those thoughts are exactly why Ignite was created.

ignite contains 3 major ingredients for success:


12 months of challenges have been curated just for TpT sellers with the goal of a comprehensive year of business-building that focuses on what matters most.


There's nothing like someone else paying attention that makes us move a little faster + work a little harder. Get the boost you need with your own built-in mastermind filled with sellers who get it.


You've made the plan, now it's time to get to work. In Ignite, we are all about dreaming but we know the doing is what get us closer to our goals.

Group power hours will help us work together on targeted goals that we know will move the needle in our businesses (No guessing games here).

🔥 Here’s how it works. 🔥

Ignite is broken into 12 monthly themed sets of challenges. Materials are housed in a private members only site. You can sign up for the entire year at once or pay monthly. Once you sign up, you'll receive log-in information + an invite to the Facebook group. From there, it goes like this:

1️⃣ Every month you'll receive one page--that's it!



The PDF will be in your membership library on Kajabi. It’s a menu split into 3 parts.

2️⃣But you don't have to decipher it on your own--that's where I come in.

On or around the 1st of every month, I (Erin) will host a live kickoff call that will provide the following:

(Calls will be recorded and shared in Kajabi the following day)



3️⃣ You will also get one bonus tool every month to help you complete the challenge tasks.

Piece #3


Trello boards, swipe files, templates, and more–it’s a fun surprise every month to see what you’ll get!

4️⃣ Then, we get to work!

Bimonthly power hours will give you the extra push you need!



5️⃣...and how could we do this without prizes?

Piece #5


Every month, those who complete the required tasks are entered to win a prize.

Let me guess: You want to know what the monthly themes are...

I knew you'd ask! While we won't be releasing the yearly timeline, here is a preview of *some* themes we will be covering this year in Ignite:

Here are your two payment paths:



Questions you might have:

Ignite is $18/month if paying month-to-month. You can purchase the entire year in one payment of $180 and receive 2 months free (Prices subject to change).

You can cancel your membership at any time. If your payment for the current month has already processed, your cancellation will go into effect for the next cycle.

While all 12 months of content have been planned and created, we’ve chosen to withhold an exact timeline. Life can change quickly, so we are reserving the right to be flexible with the timeline so that we can best serve you and ourselves.

Not at all! Ignite was made with all sellers in mind. While nothing is ever *truly* one size fits all, we view this as the “everything” membership for TpT sellers. We believe every month of content will serve you and your business in some way. 

You’ll get the most bang for your buck the closer to the 1st that you join–but you can start Ignite on any date! Even if you join on the last day of the month, you can quickly download the PDF + bonus tool before it switches to a new monthly set.

On or around the 1st of each month, the previous month’s content will be retired and a new PDF, bonus tool, and set of calls will be available. You are free to download the PDF and tool every month so you have it to keep even once it’s gone from Kajabi. Kickoff calls will be recorded and available as replays all month + be retired monthly as well.

Still not sure? write us a note here and a member of team sos will get back to you shortly.