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Relaxed but Ready for Change

Business strengths: Your laidback approach to business is envied by your constantly stressed out seller friends. You remain calm in the face of pressure, and you don’t feel tempted to hop on every bandwagon that comes your way. You are true to yourself, and it shines through in the way you run your business: you might not do everything you can, but you aren’t left with feelings of guilt or FOMO.

Areas to improve: While your easygoing nature is usually more of a blessing than a curse, you will have to tighten the reigns a bit if you choose to scale or “get serious” about your business. It might be okay floating along for now, but your big picture would be decidedly brighter if you set some solid foundations in place sooner than later.

What to watch out for: Don’t get too complacent! Just because you’re running a Type B ship now and it seems to be working, you may be in for a rude awakening down the road. It’s inevitable that changes to the teacher seller world will keep coming, and you want to be ready.

What will help: Find a flexible, easy-to-follow system that will allow you to get more done, but on your terms. Start small; try upping your consistency one task at a time. Once you have one new habit down solid, add another.

Next steps: There are some big things happening soon in the School of Sellers space that are a perfect fit for serious sellers who want to continue scaling their business–in a way that doesn’t feel totally impossible. Click the button below to see what I’m talking about!