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Your Data Playbook is Game-changing Purposeful A Must-have

Here's why team sos loves your data playbook!

Your Data Playbook takes the guesswork out of data for my business. It's so incredible to get a report every week that tells me what's going in my store and what I can do about it to make things better.

The Facebook group is priceless, and I love the overall support offered in the course.
Erin Waters
Erin Waters EDU
Founder, School of Sellers
I ran a little experiment because I wanted proof it was working. I chose a product in my store that I thought should be selling better than it was and updated it using only the suggestions from Your Data Playbook (update thumbnails and add a preview). I also made sure to not advertise the product or do anything else differently that would skew results. Here are the numbers:
2018 - $346.08
2019 - $757.50
2020 - $586.61
2021 - $1051.64
Keep in mind this is just one random product in my store and I only made the changes a little over a month ago. I'm slowly but surely working my way through my bestsellers now, and I'm already seeing positive results on many others.
Katie Loftin
Dr. Loftin's Learning Emporium
Team SOS
Your Data Playbook has been such a blessing to my business. What started off as an investment to better understand my data, turned into the equivalent of hiring a VA for my business. What took me hours each month to sit and analyze, is now all done for me and in my inbox. I am told exactly what needs to be done for my store and I have focus rather than guessing what will work next.
Ashley Wright
The Wright Nook
Team SOS