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Best Apps for TpT Sellers

I am always on the lookout for the best apps for TpT sellers that will simplify my life. While I might find some gems from time to time, these are my tried and true apps that I will always have by my side!

Best Apps for TpT Sellers

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This happens to be one of our most-used apps! We absolutely love that images come out looking like they were done by a professional, thanks to all of the templates that are there for both the free and paid accounts.

You know at School of Sellers, we are all about batching, and Canva is essential to us for that. We have many templates ready to go (for SOS and our own TPT stores!!) so that we can drop in the new info and images and be done. 

You can create on-the-go images with the app on your phone or tablet. The synching of your account lets you start wherever you left off. It is so handy!!!

Sign up for Canva here.

Best Apps for TpT Sellers


Did you know we’re on TikTok??

Well our go-to video editing app is InShot. You can do so much with it, and everything is very easy to understand. After a few minutes of looking through the app, we all were comfortable with it and were able to use it quickly.

Don’t think this app is only for TikTok users! We like to use it to make product video previews and some videos for other social media platforms too. 

Best Apps for TpT Sellers
Best Apps for TpT Sellers


We use Trello for pretty much everything.

It helps us with brain dumps, product planning, content calendars, project management, and even with our weekly schedules. 

Well, this isn’t just a computer-based program anymore. Take your boards with you by using the app! It really is seamless and easy to use. You can drag and drop your Trello cards wherever you need them just like you can on your computer.

It is really helpful when you need access to some of your information on-the-go.

Best Apps for TpT Sellers

The TpT App!!

While it might be fun to hear your cha-chings throughout the day, the recent update is also pretty helpful. We are starting to be able to view a bit more data than we have in the past with the app. You can now compare this year to last for easy data comparison on the go.

Apart from that, it makes it easy to answer your Q&As quickly and respond to feedback when needed. 

Those are just a few of the best apps for TpT sellers that we love to use daily. What is one of your must-have apps?

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