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Episode 2 | Power Up Your Productivity: The Ultimate To-Do List Makeover

On today’s episode of School of Sellers, Host Erin Waters discusses a simple technique to increase your working productivity so you are focusing on things that matter to your business.

To-Do List Mistakes We All Make

One mistake we make is attending to our most desirable tasks first and then kind of trickle down the list, leaving your least desirable tasks for last.  This is a problem because when we start with our most desirable tasks, by the time we get to our least desirable tasks, we either are (a) out of time or (b) we don’t have enough energy or brain power to accomplish this least desirable task. Another problem with this is that oftentimes our least desirable tasks are the most important. These are actually the ones we should be doing first, things like writing a blog—I know, I hate writing blog posts .

Another very common to do-list mistake is not finishing anything on our list. We get bored with one task and decide to move onto the other and before we know it, we are list hopping, going from task to task and at the end of the day, you are left with 10 things that are only half-finished and that is way worse than if you had completed one or two items from start to finish and could save the rest of the items for the next day. Hopping around from thing to thing on your list is the kiss of death in terms of productivity.

The To-Do List Solution

Using a 2-column T-chart, write down an exhaustive list of tasks you do every day for your business. In the second column, write down a list of 1-5 big goals you have for your business–the goals that will make a huge impact on your business. Revisit your list of tasks and draw a line to connect each task to the overall goal it is serving. To put it simply, you are left with a group of tasks that are tied to one of your goals and a group of tasks that are not aligned with any goals. The tasks aligned with your goals are the ones you should focus on.

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