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How School of Sellers Podcast Was Born (Episode 0)

Why Did I Start The School of Sellers Podcast?

In this introductory episode of the School of Sellers podcast, I explore the teacher seller journey that we all travel. Having dreamed of serving the TPT community for almost 2 years, this podcast is my way of sharing with other sellers what I have learned in my trials and tribulations as a teacher author. While I recognize blogging as a necessary evil–emphasis on evil–I am looking forward to exploring a new-to-her platform while talking all things TPT every Monday.

In this pre-official first episode of the School of Sellers podcast, I discuss the reason why business can feel so hard for teacher sellers. We have all traveled a unique path in that we mostly dreamed of becoming teachers, only to find ourselves thrown into the surprising world of business. For people who love to plan (ahem, teachers!), this change has been exciting but has also come with some unwelcome challenges–namely All. The. Business. Things. What I have come to realize, however, is that I actually not-so-secretly *love* all the business things. Truly.

What to Expect from the School of Sellers Podcast

Here’s a peek at what you can expect in this season of School of Sellers:

  • Short episodes (10-15 minutes) released weekly
  • Actionable tips, plans, and advice in every episode
  • Free supplemental materials to access after each show
  • Interviews with industry experts as well as a variety of teacher sellers
  • An unfiltered, honest look at the life of a teacher seller
  • A clear focus on how to make your business feel doable
How the School of Sellers Podcast Was Born
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Extra time is a luxury we teacher sellers just don’t have. We wear so many hats already that “Listens to Podcasts That Waste Our Time + Stress Us Out Even More” is just not another hat I’m willing to don. You with me?

I can relate to many seasons of this seller life. I’ve built my business while teaching full-time, I’ve worked as a teacher author through two pregnancies and maternity leaves, I’ve scaled my business as a stay at home parent, and now–I manage my business full-time.

I am so inspired by the teacher seller community and the success we have collectively and as individuals. I also get inspired by words of other people. So I have always been a sucker for a good quote, and I’m not just talking about the generic ones you see on planner covers. I’m talking the stop-you-in-your-track quotes. The ones that can change the trajectory of your life or business because they are just *that* powerful.

In this episode, I share with you one of my favorite quotes by Marie Forleo, the Wonder Woman of business. Marie says often that “everything is figureoutable.” It’s simple, but oh so true. Together in School of Sellers, we will band together to figure out this crazy business world together so that it finally feels doable.

School of Sellers podcast, image is purely decorative

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