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Episode 1 | New Year’s Resolutions Won’t Work: Do This Instead

On today’s episode of School of Sellers, Host Erin Waters discusses New Year’s Resolutions and goal setting. She shares her issues with traditional New Year’s Resolutions, what she loves about non-traditional resolutions, and what she does instead. She shares her strategy for and the importance of setting bite-sized goals for work, home, and self.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Simply put, traditional resolutions are unreasonable. We put too much pressure on ourselves and set unrealistic goals that often fizzle out after a couple weeks. Resolutions for an entire year are boring and just plain undoable.

Some Resolution Alternatives I Actually Like

The “one word” trend has been a fresh, healthy alternative to resolutions. It drives us to examine our goals for the year without setting harsh expectations or specific deadlines; instead, the one word drives our decisions and micro-goals throughout the year. Other forms of resolutions that aren’t as stringent as new year’s resolutions are “more/less” and “start/stop” models where you simply pledge to engage or not engage in certain behaviors.

What I’m Doing Instead of New Year’s Resolutions

As human beings, we need to be flexible. Life happens fast, and does not remain the same for 365 days at a time. For this reason, Monday Resolutions are the plan for 2020. Monday resolutions are intentional, specific, doable, and impactful goals set every week in the areas of home/family, self, and business–or any other area you deem significant. Choosing 1-3 micro-goals in each area makes our workload feel realistic and allows us to zero in on what needs to be done and what is important.

What Does This Look Like + What Do I Need?

When choosing Monday resolutions, remember that your target tasks should be:

  • Impactful: Will fulfilling the task have a meaningful effect on your life/self/business?
  • Specific: The more specific you get, the easier it is to cross off your list. [For example, don’t write “work on blog post”-–instead, write “make outline for blog post and find 3 keywords”]
  • Intentional: Make sure you are doing a task for a reason: what ultimate goal is it serving?
  • Doable: Setting unreasonable goals only ends in disappointment. Be reasonable with the time a task will take, and if it’s too large for one week, break it into smaller steps.

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