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SOP Deep Dive: A Look Inside My Product Creation System | Episode #121


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Episode Summary

We are continuing our conversation on SOPs (standard operating procedure) from last week with a deep dive into my personal product creation SOP process! Many of us learn best through examples so we will put everything from last week’s episode into action today!

SOPs will make you more efficient and productive in your business. Having SOPs in your business will reduce the number of questions and mistakes and ensure that everything follows a cohesive process. You’ll learn today how I use SOPs to break down the intense cycle of project creation.

In today’s episode, I am pulling back the curtain on my product creation process, sharing how to start using SOPs in your own business, even as a solopreneur, the method for discovering and filling the gaps in your business using SOPs, and how to save time in the future by documenting your processes from start to finish.

Topics Discussed:

  • My personal product creation SOP process
  • How to get started with SOPs as a solopreneur 
  • How I use ‘checkpoints’ in my SOPs, and why this is such an important step
  • The process for uncovering and filling gaps in your business
  • How to save time in the future by documenting your processes


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