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Store Audit with Jennifer Darrell | Episode #96


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Episode Summary

Have you ever had an audit of your TpT store? Store audits are a great way to get honest feedback from a neutral party, and we’re doing just that in today’s episode. I’ll be doing a live store audit of Jennifer Darrell’s store, La Profesora Inspiradora. Jennifer recently went through a rebrand of her business, so during this store audit, we’re going to take a look at her colors, fonts, and other changes she’s made. 

This rebrand has been a year in the making, and Jennifer has been working really hard on the branding of her store. Before this brand refresh, she felt like there was absolutely no consistency among her products. During her branding work, she’s realized that a brand is actually a lot more than just colors and fonts. 

While those things are important, a brand is also about your identity! You want to get clear on what the mission of your business is and how you can translate that into all of the visual aspects of your products. 

In the time leading up to this store audit, Jennifer has been going through and updating covers, thumbnails, and previews. She’s also been working on updating the products themselves. As many of you know, this is a massive undertaking! There’s also the constant desire to want to also begin creating new products entirely.

That’s where I step in! The goal of this store audit is to check out the progress that Jennifer has made in her store, give feedback on how visually appealing everything looks, and help her decide if she should be focusing on updating existing products, or creating new ones.

Most importantly, Jennifer is answering a question that we should all be asking ourselves, do you feel like the current products in your store are representative of what you want to be known for?

Store audits are a new thing we’re doing on the show, so let me know if you are enjoying them by sending me a message on Instagram @schoolofsellers

Topics Discussed:

  • How Jennifer made decisions about the way she designed her product thumbnails
  • The impact that color combination can make in your TpT store product listings
  • A reminder to use functional fonts vs. fun fonts
  • An effective way to stand out among competitors on TpT
  • How Jennifer decided what to update in her store first
  • Things to avoid when creating your product thumbnails


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