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LISTENER FAVORITE: How Time Away is Actually Good For Your TpT Business | Episode #107


Push play to hear about taking time away from your TPT business

Episode Summary

Are you someone who can’t quite find your off button? If so, then this episode is for you! This week I am bringing you a blast from the past episode which has aired previously, but is highly fitting as we approach a new year. It is essential to remember that taking a break is okay, and that’s what this episode is all about! 

When you love work and enjoy running your TpT business, it often doesn’t feel like “work.” Because of this, I ran my business for years before I learned the value of taking a break. It’s not something that comes easily to me, but I’ve learned to make it work, and today I’m telling you how. 

If you have been a listener for a while, you know that I’m a self-professed ‘workaholic’. But I think that’s a negative term. So, I prefer to say that I’m passionate about my business. I view my business as my hobby. It’s what gives me life. I enjoy working on it, and it’s just gratifying for me.

In this episode on taking time away from your TPT business, I will share where my hustle mindset started, the benefits of hustling, and knowing when it’s time to pull back. This episode will give you things to consider when taking time away from your business without guilt!

Topics Discussed:

  • The 4AM Kobe Bryant mindset
  • The benefits of hustling
  • Taking breaks from my TPT business
  • Lessons learned from taking time away
  • What to consider when it’s time to take a break


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