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How to Deal With Search Algorithm Changes (with Kristen Doyle) | Episode #106


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Episode Summary

This week, we are doing things differently with a podcast swap with an episode from SEO expert, Kristen Doyle. She is taking over the podcast today to tell us all we need to know about algorithm changes when running our TPT businesses.

Kristen is the host of the Savvy Teacher Seller Podcast and constantly shares the importance of SEO for a good reason! A solid SEO strategy can boost you to the top of search results for your resources and products, whether you’re on Google, TPT, Amazon, Etsy, or YouTube. The key is understanding the search algorithm for the platform you’re on. 

We all know the frustration that often occurs when algorithm changes pop up, which has been happening a lot this year on both Google and TPT. As TPT sellers, many of you are worried about how these changes could affect your business. But you’re in excellent hands. Kristen is the SEO expert!

In this episode, Kristen deep dives into why platforms make algorithm changes, what “black hat SEO” is, how you can always make the best experience for your customers and readers by using proven SEO practices, and so much more to feel confident with all the algorithm changes.

Topics Discussed:

  • The true purpose of a search engine, whether it’s Google or TPT
  • Why search algorithms change, and how we know an algorithm is changing
  • How can you keep algorithm changes from affecting your business too much
  • What to do if algorithm changes are negatively affecting your business
  • When to expect results from algorithms changes


Connect with the Kristen Doyle:

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