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LISTENER FAVORITE: The Great Planner Debate: Which One Is Best for TpT Sellers? (With Special Guests Lisa Mattes + Ashley Wright) | Episode #105


Push play to hear about the best planner for TpT sellers

Episode Summary

Here’s a fun fact about me – I am absolutely obsessed with planners. Over the years, I’ve obtained quite the collection in my search for the perfect planner. Anyone else share in my obsession?

As TpT sellers, it is essential to have a planning system that works for you! But how do you choose the best planner when so many different options and varieties exist? In today’s episode, we are talking about our go-to paper planners, digital planners, and more.

This conversation is a special episode of the podcast because it’s actually a flashback of a listener favorite all about choosing the best planner for TpT sellers. Whether it’s your first time listening or not, I hope you’ll learn something new as Lisa Mattes, Ashley Wright, and I discuss our planner preferences and geek out about planner stuff. 

While I use multiple different planners throughout the year, the School of Sellers Planner is my favorite! If you’re a planning nerd just like us, then take a quick screenshot of this episode, add it to your Instagram stories, and tag me @schoolofsellers to let me know what your favorite planner for TpT sellers (and pens) are!

Topics Discussed:

  • Lisa and Ashley share their TpT backgrounds
  • Sharing the best planners for Tpt sellers based on your style
  • TpT Planners we’ve tried in the past
  • Finding the perfect paper and pens
  • Choosing the size preference for your TpT planner
  • How to combine paper planning with digital tools


Planner Resources:

Connect with Ashley Wright and Lisa Mattes:

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