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The Power of Keeping Your TPT Products Relevant: Updating Titles, Snippets, and Descriptions

In the world of education and Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), we know that trends and practices are ever changing. For us, this means staying on top of the latest search trends and ensuring that our products are easily discoverable by potential customers. One crucial aspect of this is regularly updating your titles, snippets, and descriptions. In this blog post, we’ll explore why this practice is essential for maintaining visibility and how establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can streamline this optimization process for future success.

Staying Relevant in Search Results

As teacher authors, our goal is to make our resources accessible to as many people as possible. However, with the ever-changing search algorithms, what works this month might not work next month. This is where the importance of updating our titles, snippets, and descriptions comes into play.

Search engines like Google and TPT’s internal search algorithm prioritize content that is relevant and up-to-date. By regularly reviewing and updating these elements, we increase the likelihood of our products appearing in search results when potential customers are looking for resources like ours. This not only improves our visibility but also ensures that we remain competitive in a crowded marketplace.

Finding the Right Products to Update Titles, Snippets and Descriptions

Identifying which products need updates to their titles, snippets, and descriptions is a crucial step in the optimization process. Fortunately, there are several strategies we can use to make informed decisions and prioritize our efforts.

1. Analyzing Sales Data

The most valuable source of information for us is our own sales data. By examining which products have performed well in the past and which ones may be lagging behind, we can gain insights into which titles, snippets, and descriptions might need tweaking.

Products that have seen a decline in sales or views may benefit from a refresh to show up higher in search. This also goes for products that you think should be doing well but tend to miss the mark. The problem could be that you are showing up too far behind in search, so you aren’t getting as many views as you would like.

2. Monitoring Search Results

That brings us to where our products are showing up in search results. By conducting searches within TPT or even using external search engines like Google, we can see which products are ranking highly for relevant keywords and which ones may be falling behind.

TPT utilizes keywords throughout titles, snippets, and descriptions to help products show up for what customers are searching for. By identifying keywords that are driving traffic to our competitors’ products, we can incorporate these keywords into our own optimization efforts to improve our visibility and attract more customers.

3. Leveraging Helpful Tools

Let’s be honest, manually going over sales data can be a daunting process. Luck for us, there are also helpful tools available that can streamline the process of identifying opportunities for optimization. One tool is Your Data Playbook (YDP), which provides valuable data insights each month to help educators and creators make data-driven decisions without the need for extensive manual digging.

Tools like YDP can help us quickly identify which products are in need of updates based on sales performance over time. By using these tools, we can make the optimization process more efficient and effective, allowing us to focus our time and energy where it will have the greatest impact.

The Importance of SOPs with Optimization

Establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for updating titles, snippets, and descriptions can streamline this optimization process. By creating a structured framework for making these updates, we can save time and effort by knowing exactly what we need to be working on when we sit down for our next optimization work session.

SOPs can include your step by step process for optimizing but also have time stamps in place for how long each step takes you. This is helpful for future planning and also for handing these steps off to a VA if you decided to hire one or hand this task off to one of your current VAs.

What is Ignite?

Continue to learn about optimization and have access to all the tools you need for this process with us in Ignite.

Ignite is a mastermind-esque monthly challenge group for TpT sellers. Each month, we come together and focus on a topic with a specific list of tasks to help complete that month’s challenge. We work hard to ensure that each month’s challenge will help you improve your TpT business and sell more products. Enrollment is always open, so feel free to join us at any time!

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