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How I’m Business Planning for 2023 | Episode #104


Push play to hear about business planning for 2023:

Episode Summary

Do you go into every new year stressed and overwhelmed? I know that feeling so well. That’s why I’m so excited to share one of my favorite topics…planning. I love anything and everything planning related, but today I’m focusing on business planning.

After being fed up with feeling rushed and unprepared for the new year, I decided two years ago to get all this done ahead of time. I sat down in early November to plan out my year, even though it was still not going to start for another two months. 

Once I did this, the amount of peace and control I felt I had at that moment and over my business was remarkable. I wanted to share that feeling with other sellers like you, so I created the Jumpstart Your Year Workshop to guide you through the entire process!

In this episode all about business planning for 2023, I will give you the same rules I set for myself over two years ago to go from frantically overwhelmed to peaceful and productive! You’ll hear my favorite strategies to save time, prepare for the unexpected, and how to make data-driven decisions.

Topics Discussed:

  • The reason why I started pre-planning for the new year
  • How to set expectations when making business plans
  • Four rules to keep in mind when mapping out 2023
  • The benefits of using theme based days when business planning
  • How to make data based decisions vs thinking outside
  • An explanation of the Jumpstart Your Year Workshop


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