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Seller Success Stories: The Airstream Dream (with Michelle McDonald) | Episode #99


Push play to hear how Michelle is living the Airstream dream:

What does a successful TpT seller look like to you? For our guest, Michelle McDonald, it means having complete flexibility and freedom to not only continue building her TpT business, but also travel the country in her 1968 vintage Airstream. Living out the Airstream dream is definitely a lifestyle that I could get behind as well!

Michelle is a former elementary and middle school teacher. She stepped out of the classroom in 2019 to focus her attention on designing social studies resources for k-8. Michelle also brings virtual travel to older adults with a line of virtual field trips tailored for senior living communities and hybrid care.

She began her TpT journey back in 2012 by sharing resources that she was already making for her own classroom, but it wasn’t an overnight success! In addition to TpT and teaching full time, she also held two other jobs, one at a coffee shop and the other at Costco. 

When she thought about going all in on TpT, Michelle felt what so many of us have felt when faced with that decision…fear. However, Michelle’s dad eventually convinced her to take the risk to cut back on her other jobs and put more time and energy into making TpT work. Making that decision is what eventually opened up the doors to allow her to travel and work on the road like she does now.

Inside this episode, Michelle shares the good, the bad, and the behind the scenes of the Airstream dream. I love featuring teacher seller voices like Michelle who are able to show us how they have achieved the ultimate goal of flexibility. If you love these kinds of episodes, keep scrolling to see a list of other seller success stories!

Topics Discussed:

  • How Michelle first got started on TpT, and how her business has evolved over the years.
  • The challenges that come with the Airstream dream and working on the road.
  • Michelle’s favorite features in her Airstream.
  • The biggest perks of Michelle’s on-the-go lifestyle.

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