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Share Your Seller Schedule: Full-Time TpT (Part-Time Hours) with Melissa Martinez | Episode #98


Click below to hear from a full-time TpT seller who works part-time hours:

As teacher sellers, we are constantly juggling all the things. Many of us are working hard to balance being in the classroom, growing our business, and being the best parent and/or spouse that we can be, all while taking care of ourselves physically and mentally. 

It can be really helpful to hear from full-time TpT sellers to get an idea of how they manage their time. That’s why today we are continuing our “Share Your Seller Schedule” series with a guest who can offer some insight on managing business and kids.! 

We’re joined by Melissa Martinez who is here to share about her experience running her full-time business, while also being a full-time parent. All you parents out there know that’s not an easy task! The best part? Although she is a full-time TpT seller, she only works part-time hours (about 4 hours a day to be exact).

Melissa started her TpT store in 2016 as a first-year teacher. She has taught kindergarten through fourth grade. After having her son, she knew she wanted to make TpT work so she could be home with her baby while still bringing in an income.

Although she wasn’t “ready” to go full-time TpT, she took the risk…and it paid off! This is a great reminder to all of us that there will never be a perfect time for you to go full-time TpT. The only way to see if it will work is to try.

In this episode, Melissa breaks down exactly how she makes part-time hours work, how she stays efficient and productive, and what her favorite thing about being a full-time TpT seller is.

Topics Discussed:

  • How Melissa got started with her TpT store, and when she made the decision to make the leap and become a full-time TpT seller
  • What a typical week looks like for Melissa as someone with a full-time TpT business
  • Melissa’s specific process of how she plans her tasks ahead of time
  • Using the Pomodoro Technique to stay productive during work sessions


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