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Transform Your Work Habits With This One Mindset | Episode # 109

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Episode Summary

Are you looking for ways to transform your work habits with one mindset shift? Today I am here to share with you a way of thinking that has totally changed how I do business, especially when it comes to those tasks that you just don’t feel excited to do. 

Simply put, the ‘future me’ mentality is doing those hard, undesirable things now, with the understanding that they will not only pay off in the future, but they are doing you a big favor. By doing something now, you are taking care of yourself in the future. 

I know this sounds so obvious, but a lot of times, there’s a disconnect between what we’re doing now and thinking ahead to the future. This was a wake-up call that I had that told me I needed to take better care of my future self. This simple shift of thinking about ‘future me’ has changed how I handle my business and day-to-day life.

In today’s episode on transforming your work habits, I’m sharing the ‘future me’ mindset shift, where this mentality came from, how it’s impacted my TPT business and examples of how you can apply it today. The best part? You can apply this mentality to your personal life as well!

Topics Discussed:

  • All about the ‘future me’ mentality
  • Where this mindset shift originated
  • Using this mentality to transform your work habits
  • The power of planning out the entire new year
  • Examples of how to implement the ‘future me’ mindset


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