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3 Types of Upsells You Should Be Using in Your Teacher Business | Episode #131


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Episode Summary

Have you been looking for ways to maximize your sales on TpT, even with some of the limitations on the platform? I know many sellers wish we had a few additional features when it comes to the TpT platform. One feature I wish TpT offered is having access to our customers’ email addresses so we can stay connected with them after their purchases.

The good news is there are some hacks that we can use to help increase our sales on TpT once a customer has purchased or downloaded a product. We may not have access to our customers’ emails to follow up and promote our other products, but we can ask our customers to purchase additional products through upsells of the products they have already purchased. In this episode, I am diving into what an upsell is, three upsells you should use on TpT, and how to get started with upselling in your TpT store.

Topics Discussed:

  • Some of the limitations we as sellers have on the TpT platform
  • What an upsell is
  • How a free-to-paid upsell works
  • What a paid-to-bundle upsell funnel looks like
  • What a cross-sell is and how you could use it
  • How you can get started with filling the upsell gaps in your TpT store


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