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Diversify Your Teacher Business: All About In-Person PD With Amanda Cardenas | Episode #132

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Episode Summary

We’re kicking off a series on diversifying with Amanda Cardenas, founder of Mudd and Ink Teaching and cohost of the Brave New Teaching podcast. Amanda chats with me about diversifying her teacher business through in-person professional development for teachers. She shares her journey from selling on TPT to discovering her passion for in-person PD and speaking engagements. 

Amanda opens up about the personal challenges she faces in embracing her role as a professional development leader, particularly dealing with anxiety and self-doubt. Her candid sharing about breaking the traditional teacher money mindset and the transition from a classroom teacher to a professional development expert adds authenticity to the conversation. 

Through the discussion, Amanda offers practical advice for those looking to transition to in-person PD, such as building relationships with schools, considering logistical factors like travel expenses, and navigating brand confusion between different facets of one’s business. Amanda provides inspiring and practical guidance for teachers looking to diversify their business beyond the classroom.

Topics Discussed:

  • Amanda’s initial reluctance to Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) and her eventual success
  • Attending TPT conferences and inspiration from other teacher-sellers
  • The pressure and desire to diversify business in the TPT community
  • Amanda’s goal of shifting to in-person PD and speaking engagements
  • Advice on starting with existing products for PD and how to pitch to schools or individual teachers
  • Amanda’s struggle with embracing her identity as a PD leader


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