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Avoiding the TPT Burnout: 3 Ways to Balance Teaching & Passion Projects Without the Overwhelm (Special Guest Brittany Blackwell) | Episode #123


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Episode Summary

Are you on the verge of TPT burnout trying to excel as a teacher, parent, and business owner? You’re in the right place! We are devoting the entire month of podcast episodes to those working in the classroom while also running your TPT business! 

Today’s guest is Brittany Blackwell, who specializes in teacher resilience. She is a special education teacher, a mother of 5, and the host of The Resilient Teacher Podcast. She is sharing her best advice on how to balance teaching and passion projects, whether that’s TPT or something else, without feeling all of that extra overwhelm and pressure. 

In our conversation, Brittany shares her background as a teacher and how it led to her current path, the importance of resilience in the classroom, how to choose what to focus on in your TPT business, and her top three tips to avoid burnout.

Topics Discussed:

  • Brittany’s background as a teacher and how it led her to her current path
  • The importance of resilience in the classroom
  • How to decide what to focus on and create in your TPT business 
  • Three tips to avoid burnout as a teacher and business owner


Connect with Brittany Blackwell:

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