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Teaching, Parenting, & Running a Business: How One Busy Teacher Balances It All (With Breyen Wee) | Episode #124


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Episode Summary

Are you wearing multiple hats and unsure how to balance it all? Many of us are teachers, business owners, and parents, and that can be overwhelming. If you’re feeling like you’re juggling all the things, you’re not alone, and this episode will dive into how balancing a business can be done successfully.

Today’s guest is Breyen Wee, the owner of the TPT store, Oui Madame Wee. She has built her business through several different seasons of life. She will share with us how she balances teaching, business, and parenthood, all while managing to take care of herself.

In today’s episode, Breyen fills us in on how she got started as a TPT seller, the most significant benefits of being in the classroom and running a TPT store, how she realistically prioritizes her time to do what matters most, and the importance of having a solid support system.

Topics Discussed:

  • Breyen shares how she got started with TPT and where she is currently
  • The most significant benefits of remaining in the classroom as a TPT seller
  • How to realistically prioritize your time when wearing multiple hats
  • The importance of having a support team you can count on
  • How to handle mom guilt as a teacher, business owner, and mother


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