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A Decade on TPT: 10 Questions for 10 Years (Featuring Abby Mullins) | Episode #125


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Episode Summary

We are bringing a listener’s favorite back! It’s always such a breath of fresh air to hear from someone who has experienced it all and understands the struggle of wearing multiple hats for several years on TPT.

Today’s guest is Abby Mullins, the owner of the TPT store Babbling Abby. She has over a decade of experience as a TPT Seller and has many lessons to share. She will be answering ten questions from listeners like you with all her best tips and relatable advice!

In today’s episode, Abby tells what led her to become a TPT seller, how she can find balance in her life and business during a decade on TPT, the importance of having support, and understanding how to delegate the right tasks. Plus, Abby shares her most significant mindset shifts that helped her achieve her success as a TPT Seller, mother, and wife.

Topics Discussed:

  • Abby’s background that led her to become a full-time TPT Seller
  • What Abby’s typical working hours are and how she finally achieved a work-life balance as a teacher seller 
  • The importance of having support and delegating the right business tasks
  • Abby shares what she would change if she started over as a TPT Seller
  • The primary mindset shifts to make to be successful as a mom, teacher, and TPT Seller


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