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Plan Your Year: TeachersPayTeachers Content Calendar for TpT Sellers

If you look at the popular searches that TpT shares in the homepage search box, you’ll notice that many of them are often related to upcoming holidays, seasons, and events. Holiday and seasonal products are some of the most successful products on TpT. They’re also regularly shared in the paid resources and the 10 free downloads section of the TpT newsletter. Every year, I always have grand intentions of creating new holiday resources well ahead of time so they’ll be ready when teachers start searching for them. And every year I forget a bunch of holidays and realize it’s probably too late to create anything. But with my new TeachersPayTeachers content calendar — not anymore!

Plan Your Teachers Pay Teachers Year with the Content Creation Calendar for TpT Sellers

This year I’m going to be very intentional about my planning. To help, we created a new calendar that’s perfect for TpT sellers. There are lots of reasons I love it, and I think you will too. TL;DR version: The TpT seller content calendar has lots of cool features and you can get it for free by subscribing to our email list!

The TeachersPayTeachers content calendar includes:

Major Holidays & Themed Months

All of the major American holidays from New Year’s Day to Christmas are listed. Themed months, such as Women’s History Month, are also provided.

Major Cultural & Religious Holidays and Observances

I did my best to keep the calendar inclusive, so I made sure to include major cultural and religious holidays such as Ramadan and Passover. It’s impossible to list every holiday celebrated in every country. But I did try to include holidays from countries with large TpT seller populations or customer bases too. So don’t be surprised to see things like Australia Day, Canada Day, and Boxing Day.

Other Events Celebrated or Observed in School

American schools tend to have their own special events and celebrations you don’t typically find on other calendars. These are important for planning your TpT resources, so I wanted to include them too. You’ll find events like Red Ribbon Week, Read Across America, Pi Day, Constitution Day, and more.

Major Sports Events

Although many terms associated with international sporting events are trademarked, I think it’s important to keep them in mind when planning resources. So the Super Bowl, Olympics, Running of the Bulls, etc. are listed too.

Past TpT Sitewide Sale Dates

This is one of my favorite features of the TeachersPayTeachers content calendar! Sitewide sales are always good to plan for, but it can be hard to guess when they’re going to take place. To help take the guesswork out of it, I’ve listed all historical sitewide sale dates that have taken place since 2014.

Each month features a marketing section with keywords that people are searching for that particular month. Remember that teachers often search for products 4-10 weeks before they will be used. That means that for events like St. Patrick’s Day taking place in March, teachers will be searching terms related to St. Patrick’s Day as early as January. You can use the popular search terms to help you determine what you should be marketing on Pinterest, Facebook, and your blog.


The popular searches focus primarily on holidays and events observed in schools, but they also include lifestyle ideas relevant to educators such as wardrobe/fashion, travel, health & fitness, and budgeting/finance. These may be especially helpful topics if you have a lifestyle blog or Instagram where you share related information with your audience.

A Reminder About Planning Ahead of Time

As you’re using the TeachersPayTeachers content calendar, remember that lots of teachers plan well ahead of time. While some teachers plan just a day or two in advance, there are plenty who search for ideas they can use months ahead of time. If at all possible, it’s best to have a product created and pins advertising it 4-10 weeks ahead of time.

Just because it’s best to have things created ahead of time, though, doesn’t mean you can’t create products at the last minute too. If inspiration strikes just a day or two before a holiday, it’s okay to go ahead and make the product and get it added to your store. It’s possible that you’ll sell a few right away, and the product will have time to gain traction for the next year too!

Download Your Helpful TeachersPayTeachers Content Calendar

You can have the calendar for free by simply subscribing to our email list below. Are we going to spam you with all sorts of unnecessary emails? No, we’re not monsters. Instead, you can expect to receive occasional emails about new blog posts, resources we think you’ll love, and lots of free advice for making your teacher seller business feel doable every step of the way.

We would LOVE to hear how you’re using the calendar! Feel free to tag us on Instagram, share in the School of Sellers Facebook group, or leave a comment below. And please let us know if you have any suggestions for things you would like to see added to the calendar!

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