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Episode 11 | Slay Your Workload With This ONE Technique

To-do list burnout is real and it’s awful. When we are faced with the same tasks day in and day out, our brain starts to shut down and our eyes glaze over. Eventually, our business suffers. I am sharing a technique I swear by to get all of the things done so you don’t have to look at the same obnoxious tasks every single day.

What is batching?

Batching is completing a large amount of similar tasks at once, rather than completing them separately. The benefits to batching lie in the fact that you are not wasting mental energy hopping from task to task; rather, you become locked in a zone of focus. In addition, you are able to cross off one task for a longer amount of time rather than revisiting that task every day.

What can I batch?

Any task is able to be done in batches. You can download the batch plan here to find an in-depth list of tasks that can be batched.

  • Blog posts: You can batch write your blog posts, blog post outlines, or batch edit the images for your posts. The options are truly endless!
  • Social Media Posts: Batch write your caption copy, or batch edit your images for social media.
  • Product creation: Batch create products, product previews, or answer keys. This works particularly well in product lines with similar components.

To get a more in-depth view, you can download a free batch plan here.

When you get to the end and you have batched all of your tasks, you don’t have to wake up and start all of that again the next day because you have just cleared your schedule for things that you want to do.

Erin M. Waters

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