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Episode 12 |Why You Need Workflows In Your Teacher Business

The way you do things matters. We are fortunate in this business that many of our tasks are recurring. Whether you realize it or not, you already have workflows in place in your daily business practices. This means we have the opportunity to become ninjas with these tasks. I’ll show you how to take a look at what you’re currently doing and turn it into a system that will shave hours off your work time.

What is a workflow?

A workflow is simply the steps you take to get from Point A to Point B in any process in your business. To get from start to finish in product creation, email sequence set-up, advertisement creation, and beyond, you are instituting a workflow—whether you know it or not!

Why use workflows?

Two major reasons to use workflows

Having a workflow and knowing your workflow saves you time and energy. When you consciously follow a set of organized steps—ones that you have followed before with success—you save your brain the time and energy it requires to move from one step to the other. Even if you work alone, workflows can serve as easy references when you complete tasks again and again—for example, why recreate the wheel every time you set up a Facebook ad? Constructing a simple checklist is enough to save you hours in your business.

In addition, workflows are crucial for those who work with a team. Even if you aren’t currently hiring a team to help you with your teacher business, it doesn’t mean you never will. Having solid workflows in place now will make the transition seamless if and when you decide to hire a team–or even a VA.

What workflows do we use in our teacher business?

Just to name a few:

  • Facebook ad set-up
  • Creating blog content
  • Organizing and doing recurring tasks
  • Naming files

To get started organizing your own workflows today, you can download this free workbook here.

We have the opportunity to become ninjas with these tasks.

Erin M. Waters

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