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Episode 7 | 5 Big Business Mistakes I’ve Made in My Teacher Business [And What I Should Have Done]

In today’s episode of School of Sellers, I share with you some of my biggest mistakes I’ve made so far in this business.

Why mistakes are a good thing

I fully believe you cannot improve or make progress in your business until you mess up quite a few times. I can say with 100% certainty that I would not be where I am in my business today without the mistakes–big and small–that I have made along the way. That is why I believe in full transparency as I serve the teacher seller community–I hope that you, too, can learn from my mistakes!

The mistakes

The blogging mistake

Since I started my business, I did not pay my blog the attention it deserved. I had a blog which I suppose was a good starting point but the way I used it was doing nothing for my business. And honestly, this is still something I’m learning and something that I am improving every single day in my

It’s easy to get caught up in the cute style trends: the colors, the fonts, and the really stylish patterns. I am guilty of this. BUT, trends are just that–trends. Following every trend will only waste your time since you’ll spend so much time changing your look every time a new trend comes around–and then even more time repairing the damage once that trend is painfully irrelevant.

The worrying about others mistake

It’s true–I’ve spent way too much time paying attention to how other sellers were doing, what they were creating, and what they were posting. In the end, this gave me nothing but stress, worry, and time wasted. It’s a very human tendency and not an easy overnight fix; but once you can get past this mental mistake, your mind and your business will be happier.

More mistakes

Use the link above to hear more about the mistakes I’ve made and what you and I can both learn from them!

Chevron took literal years off my life.

Erin M. Waters

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