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Episode 8 | 4 Cornerstones for Content That Matters

In today’s episode of School of Sellers, I share with you how to make the content creation process more bearable. There are 4 rules of thumb I stick to for the majority of my content, and this cuts down on time while creating content that sustains the test of time. No more creating content from scratch one piece at a time!

Make it evergreen

Making at least 80% of your content evergreen ensures that your content is more usable and relevant throughout the year. This results in optimal repurposing potential. Blog posts about timesaving for teachers can be shared any time of year; whereas a post that features a round-up of Christmas products will only be shareable during a small window of time.

Be consistent

I hate hearing this, but it is true. It doesn’t mean you have to publish a blog every week, though. Start small and try to publish at least one blog post per month. You can always work toward posting more, but for now, something once a month is way better than no posts at all. Worried you still can’t manage that schedule? No worries! I have compiled a list of 20 easy-peasy blog posts you can create so you aren’t brainstorming new ideas every time you sit down to post.

In addition, I give a short tutorial to make it even easier to write a blog post–using your voice! Voice-to-text on our phone Notes app is a great way to get words down on paper without even lifting a pen or finger to type.

Make it shareable

Make your content something people will not only want to read, but also pass along to a friend. Content that solves problems, delights, surprises, or even ruffles a few feathers will be shared more than mundane content that tells the reader something they already know or feel.

Make it valuable

Training your readers to expect value might seem time-intensive in the short term but will pay off in the long run. When readers know to expect value–in the form of advice or a free resource–they will return to you again and again because you have built trust with them. Offering a free sample of a paid product, or a freebie that already is available in your store is a great way to give them value with very little work on your end.

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