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The Diversifying Series: Start Your Own Tutoring Business With Molly Wheatley | Episode #133

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Episode Summary

We are back with another guest in our diversifying series! In this episode, I welcome the inspiring Molly Wheatley, a fifth-grade teacher with over a decade of experience who has successfully transitioned into the tutoring business. Molly shares her journey from classroom burnout to creating a thriving tutoring business that not only supplements her income but also reignites her passion for teaching. 

Molly provides invaluable insights into starting your own tutoring business, including tips on pricing, finding your niche, and treating your side gig like a serious business venture. Whether you’re looking to diversify your income streams or seeking a way to escape teaching burnout, this episode is packed with practical advice and inspiring stories.

Topics Discussed:

  • Going from burnout to successful business growth
  • Transitioning from hobbyist tutor to tutoring as a business
  • Types of tutoring
  • The pros and cons of tutoring as a business
  • Getting started with tutoring


Connect with Molly Wheatley:

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