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Sellers Actually With Amy Lemons: OG Seller Success WITHOUT a Huge Team | Episode #135

seller success without a huge team

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Episode Summary

Today, as part of our Sellers Actually series, we’re featuring a truly inspiring story that debunks some common myths about the world of Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT). Joining us is none other than Amy Lemons, a pioneering figure in the TpT community. Amy’s journey as a TpT seller began in 2011, and she’s continued to achieve remarkable success without a massive team backing her. Amy’s business is efficiently run with just herself and one virtual assistant.

In this conversation, Amy shares her beginnings as a teacher blogger and her evolution into a TpT seller and offers valuable insights into running a thriving business solo. We’ll explore the misconceptions about “big sellers” and discuss how Amy navigates her business landscape, all while keeping things relatable and real for our listeners. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting out, you’ll find Amy’s story both enlightening and motivating.

Topics Discussed:

  • Amy’s transition to creating resources from scratch
  • The evolution of the TpT community over time
  • Managing a TpT business without a large team
  • Advice for solo sellers considering a VA


Connect with Amy Lemons:

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