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3 Elements of a High-Converting Lead Magnet | Episode #114


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Episode Summary

Did you catch last week’s first-ever call-in radio show episode, where I answered questions all about lead magnets? If you missed that episode, I highly recommend listening to it first and then coming back here to build on that foundation and hear what it takes to create a high-converting lead magnet!

We are now on to part two of our lead magnet series of the show. Lead magnets are crucial for converting a cold audience to a warm audience. When someone signs up for our lead magnets, it shows us that they know, like, and trust us enough to download our resources and potentially buy from us in the future. This clear customer journey is our ultimate goal. 

It’s essential to have an email list of subscribers you can turn to no matter what is going on in your TPT business. But how do you ensure that you’re creating the right lead magnets that actually convert, and in turn, grow your email list and build trust with your audience?

In today’s episode, we cover the three elements that make up an irresistable high-converting lead magnet, how to identify your conversion rate results, how much value to deliver, and why you should make your lead magnet similar to your paid resources.

Topics Discussed:

  • Three elements that make up a high-converting lead magnet
  • How to identify your conversion rates
  • My recommendation on ideal conversion rates for your lead magnets
  • The importance of making your lead magnet similar to your paid resources
  • The reasoning behind my belief that your lead magnets should be some of your BEST content
  • Keeping the process simple and straightforward


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