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Let’s Talk Product Photography and Mockups: A Coffee Chat With Erin & Ashley | Episode #117


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Episode Summary

We are bringing a new type of episode to the podcast today: coffee chat style! This episode was inspired by the School of Sellers Ignite Membership and our theme for March, which is all about product photography and mockups!

My guest Ashley, from Team SOS, and I are sitting down and having a little mini-meeting where we brainstorm all of the questions we will ask our product photography experts in real-time. Ashley and I both enjoy product photography and dabble a lot in the different ways we set up our space and what mockups we use.

In this coffee chat style episode, we will share the areas we excel in with product photography and mockups, the roadblocks we are currently running into, our questions on choosing the right props and lighting, and how to streamline our process for the best results.

Topics Discussed:

  • The areas of product photography and mockups we excel in
  • Common roadblocks with product photography for our TPT products
  • Our biggest questions on choosing the right props and lighting for our products
  • How to streamline our processes for shooting photos and creating mockups
  • The key to organizing mockup templates for easy access


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