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Organize Your Teacher Business With These Spring Cleaning Tasks | Episode #127


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Episode Summary

Does spring have you feeling the need to clean, declutter, and head into summer with a fresh start? I always look at spring as a time for fresh starts and a renewed sense of energy, not just for my physical spaces but for my business as well! If you’re ready to head into the second half of the year feeling rejuvenated and with your business organized and fresh, I’ve got some helpful spring cleaning tips for you.

If you are feeling like you have some major organizing to do when it comes to your business, you are not alone! We all know that as busy teacher sellers, we can let our virtual or business space get a little cluttered and disorganized. But there are simple ways we can make cleaning up our virtual space seem less overwhelming this spring.

In this episode, I’m diving into some of my favorite spring cleaning tips to help you organize your teacher business because it’s so much more manageable to tackle spring cleaning with easy-to-do, actionable items. These tips will give you a great start to your spring cleaning and if you would like more help with organizing your teacher business, be sure to check out the Ignite Membership!

You can grab our Spring Cleaning Challenge here.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why I find spring cleaning my business to be so important
  • How I organize my Canva account
  • An easy way to scrub your email list without the stress
  • How to find content gaps
  • One way I like to make sure my store categories are accurate and balanced
  • Why I recommend building a product inventory


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