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Welcome Back! A New Season of Seller Tips, Stories, & Support | Episode #126


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Episode Summary

We are so excited to be back with you for a new season of the School of Sellers podcast! After stepping back from the podcast for a bit, Ashley from Team SOS is here with me to catch up with you, share what we have been up to, and kick off an amazing season two. We understand that as teacher sellers, you have a lot on your plate, and we can’t wait to share some helpful seller tips and stories and provide support to you this season!

In this episode, we’re sharing why we took a break from the podcast, what we have been up to in our businesses, and what we’re enjoying right now. We’re also looking ahead at what we have in store in upcoming episodes and inside the Ignite Membership.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why we took a step back from the podcast
  • What we have been up to in our businesses and in life
  • A look at what we have planned for the Ignite membership for 2024
  • What we have in store for upcoming episodes


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